Trying to decide how I want my site setup. Ideally I’d replace my whole entire site (hosted on Cloudflare pages now), however I think in order to do that I’d need to create a fully custom theme.

The fact that Migos came out with a good song about the vaccine, and that its beat is from the Nutcracker, is crazy

Boy dealing with dates and times is tricky. Good thing I picked an app based almost entirely around that!

Some days geez

I’ve been trying to make use of my espresso maker more since I bought it several months ago. Now that its getting warm out its nice to easily make iced lattes without walking to Dunks. Definitely have some dialing in to do and need to pickup some more condiments, but its nice!

Switched my blog over to Cloudlfare’s new Pages feature. Pretty basic but does basically all I need to do. I imagine that they’ll get better than Netlify sooner or later.

Love when I finally sit down to work on iOS stuff again and Xcode crashes on launch

Why do I always end up getting into expensive and intensive hobbies. I thought this coffee thing was gonna be simple…

Starting to really dive into K8s and it’s neat! Getting storage setup properly is sort of a pain though if you don’t want to use cloud buckets.

Starting this new year off by cleaning things I’ve meant to clean for weeks

Today in “yet another way to configure networking in Linux”


These Apple Fitness + workouts are pretty good!

The drive in this 😩

Every time I hear Jingle Bells all I can think of is the Linking Verb song ->

I really really wanted to like Nova. But the extensions just aren’t there yet. The momentum behind VS Code is more valuable than the native feel/speed that Nova provides. Hopefully this changes some day.

Hello there Micro Universe 🌎