@samcat116 This would be running on the two nodes I have in my closet (aka server room), and would include MetalLB, Linkerd, Longhorn to replace the niceties that running in a public cloud would normally afford to you

@pimoore haha thank you. It was up, just the URL I had in my profile here was bad.

@manton one thing I’d recommend is to move the status page do a different domain than the main site (like microblogstatus.com). That way if you have any DNS related outages folks can still get to the status page.

@samcat116 Ok, decided to stay with my Gatsby, Cloudflare pages site for now. Will need to come up with some scripts to make posting there easier.

@samcat116 I'd also like to find a way to have separate feeds on my home page for posts under 280 characters (the feed) and longer posts that show as separate articles